updated on 4-14-14


I would like to have an Easter egg hunt next Thursday. I am requesting that each family donate a dozen plastic eggs filled with kid goodies like candy, erasers, or small toys. If I get enough help with this, we will join the other two kindergarten classes for some Easter egg fun!

• The first field trip went so well that I’d like to try another! We are scheduled to go the Valley Oak Vet Clinic on the 25th. Look for permission slips/driver requests to come home this week.

• I offer a huge THANK YOU to all who helped get the kiddos to and from our first kindergarten field trip, especially on such short notice. Extra credit for the lot of you!

Here is some info about CRT Kids Summer Camp.

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Click on the link above to see how you can support, at home, the exciting things your child is leaning in Mr. Obe's kindergarten class!


Kindergarten Curriculum

Links for Students

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Links for K Teachers


Upcoming Special Events

field trip to Valley Oak vet clinic (4/25)

Classroom Needs

one dozen plastic Easter eggs per student filled with goodies


practice writing letters and numbers

practice reading the little books that are being sent home each week


"Neal Dow News"

This is our school’s weekly parent newsletter. A hard copy of this is sent home each Friday.


Room 17 Parent Volunteer Coordinator

Lyndsey Hallbauer has graciously stepped up to be our classroom PVC! She will be our liaison to the PTA for any PTA sponsored functions scheduled for this year.


Steven's book

Mr. Obe's email is: