Kindergarten LANGUAGE ARTS


The Chico Unified School District has adopted the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill "California Treasures" language arts curriculum. In kindergarten, your child will be exposed to 10 themed units throughout the school year. Each unit lasts approximately 3 weeks. Below you will find links to the outlines of each theme and it's curriculum focus. I highly encourage you to support at home what is being taught at school by further engaging your child with the material being covered in class. The current unit and theme will be shown below in red.

Opening Unit - Start Smart

Unit 1 - Families

Unit 2 - Friends

Unit 3 - Transportation

Unit 4 - Food

Unit 5 - Animals

Unit 6 - Neighborhood

Unit 7 - Weather

Unit 8 - Plants

Unit 9 - Amazing Creatures

Unit 10 - I Know a Lot!